Friday, March 26, 2010

Two weeks down

Week 2 of HBOT is now behind us.  Yesterday and today Walker actually seemed to enjoy it!  He smiled and laughed when I put the air over his face.  Today we just snuggled in the tank in a spooning position.  As much time as it seems that Walker gets in my life, we don't ever actually get to spend uninterupted time! So it is nice just to snuggle and love him! 

Next week we get to switch to a newer tank, they are finishing up their relocation, I just hope that it doesn't throw Walker for a loop now that we've got this one down! The new tank will be smaller, but it will be filled with the oxygen, so I will be breathing it in as well. If Walker seems to do fine by himself, I might send him in alone.  Some days he just doesn't want to be messed with; so I will have to gauge it day by day. Lord knows that I could use some regeneration of brain cells!!

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