Tuesday, March 23, 2010

HBOT Week #2

We are in week two of Walker's HBOT treatments.  Today was #7.  The suggested theraputic amount of sessions is 40, we were going to try 20 and see what happens.

I've learned so much already!!
  1. Do not take Walker around nap time!
  2. He hates the hood, overheats and gets more upset
  3. Pee is able to sneak out of even a clean diaper
  4. not much of what I own is 100% cotton
  5. My internal clock needs adjustment, 60 mins can fly by or take FOREVER when there is a cranky baby in your arms
  6. I don't look half bad without hairspray and make up
I know that it has only been a few sessions but we are seeing some slight differences.  Neither Ramiah nor I wanted to say it but we do see better coordination with his eye movements, and yesterday he reached out for a toy with his therapist! 

So stay tuned.... for an HBOT center coming soon near you!!!  (the only thing we can think of to afford this in the long run!!) 

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