Sunday, November 28, 2010

Walker updates

It seems time is flying by!  Mr. Mr. turned 3 years old on Friday, and boy have we come a long way!  Its amazing to think that on the day he was born, we had no clue what our future would entail.  We had no idea all the trials we would be put to, and what he would teach us along the way!  Sure there are days when I am exhausted and short tempered, but one look into those big blue eyes and my heart melts!

He is truly loving school! We are seeing some amazing things happening with him too!  He is sitting up so much better, with much more trunk control.  We don't need to use his chest strap in his feeding chair.  His teacher reports that he keeps eye contact for the entire spelling of his name during circle time and he loves the alphabet song and book they made him.  The most exciting progress is that he is pushing up on his arms!  He hasn't figured out how to do both arms at the same time, but he is really interested in getting his top half up and looking around!  He will also get up on his knees but hasn't mastered both ends at the same time!  This is great progress and we are very excited to encourage him!  I can't wait until he is crawling around and getting into everything!! 

Happy third birthday my sweet boy!!