Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Listening to Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mucus and Motrin

Mr. Mr. is sick.... again.  It seems that these last few months have been filled with mucus and Motrin.  I know I've blogged about it before, but not being able to communicate what is wrong has got to be so frustrating for him!  I know its frustrating for me!  Hence, the Motrin.  When all else fails (read: eating, sleeping, diaper, cuddling, vibrating pillow, funny noises, favorite video, songs etc) I give  him Motrin.  I figure if nothing else, whatever is hurting may feel a little better with that.  I just hate when he is sick!  I don't know one mother who enjoys it, and of course with the extra attention he needs, the other siblings get clingy and jealous.

Then I wonder if I should take him to the doctors or not.  With children that are not mobile, they worry about them getting pneumonia and they usually put him on antibiotics, which of course upsets him tummy and then he is not happy either.  So I am waiting it out.  But in the mean time, the house hold is pretty miserable, which makes for a miserable momma too!