Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love my washing machine!

While attending SUNY New Paltz, I went to hear a lecture on the work of women throughout the world.  One of the most shocking statistics was the amount of time that women, all over the world spend getting water.  I don't remember the exact number but it was well over 80% of their time is spent walking and carrying water!

This really hit home this week with two children and a stomach virus!  In the course of three days, I gave five baths, and did 4 loads of laundry... just from the affects of this bug!

I couldn't imagine what I would do if I didn't have running water!  I know it seems like a simple thing for us Americans but I really appreciated having a bathtub and a washing machine!  I remember not too long ago, when I didn't have laundry in my house and had to take everything to a laundry mat!  With all the nasty clothes and bed sheets, I was really appreciative of that!

So, even though I had too clingy grumpy kids, I reminded myself that at least my house still didn't smell like a porta potty!  For that, I am thankful!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Last week of EI

This is our official last week of EI, (Early intervention).  A lot of parents that I have spoken to who are making the same transition this summer state that they are so ready to be done. I can't say that I am!

EI is not just a therapy technique it is a way of life.  As your young child develops there are people in and out of your house at all times.  Depending on the level of intervention this could be one person or up to five or more!  Often they each come several times a week and its at all different times of the day.  For us we had five therapists, four of which came twice a week and one came three times a week.  In the beginning, it wasn't bad because we only had two, so we were able to ease into it.  As Walker's development continued to move slow, we added a few more.  Initially I was worried about how my house looked and made sure I was showered and presentable, but as the time wore on these people become family.

They have witnessed me un-showered, still in my pajamas and even bra-less.
They witnessed my dogs puking on the floor and running away.
They have been there when my older sons are fresh and not doing their chores.
They have heard arguments between my husband and I.
They have seen me cry.

But they also
have been there the first few days of Sawyer's life.
they have helped us celebrate two of Walker's birthdays
they have sat and drank coffee with me and discussed the ills of the world
they have watched us grow as a family and learn to understand the impact of Walker's needs
they have shared many laughs over the course of two years
they have become not only good friends, but family.

I will miss them all dearly!

Friday, June 18, 2010


My husband and i have a strong philosophy when it comes to looking at alternative help for Walker.  We are all for it, as long as it does not cause him pain and that the methods are to give  him a better quality of life, not just search for answers.

Have I mentioned how great our social worker is??? She is fantastic and was able to find money for Walker to go to an alternative therapy center right around the corner from us.  Its called GAIT.  the idea is that while riding horses, children with special needs are able to learn confidence, work on their strength and also work one on one with a speech therapist. 

Our first appointment  to meet the director and tour the farm was wonderful.  I knew it was the right place for us, when the director came up to me while I was feeding Walker in the car, saw that I had two children, and said we could talk right there without having to get everyone out of the car.  I thought "boy, these people get it!" Martha was very detailed about explaining how everything works, reassuring me that the horses that are used are the gentlest. We set up our next appointment and I was very excited.  (Did I mention how great our social worker is?)

His first session went pretty well considering it was at 3:30pm, and I had to wake him up from nap in order to get there on time.  There were three people, two on each side of him and one leading the horse.  Peter, the horse, was very mellow and looked like he knew the drill.  Equipped with a helmet, they put Walker on Peter backwards lying down.   It is a lot of work with the helmet on for Walker to keep his head up, so he rested it on the rump of the horse.  He seemed to like to feel of the movement and the horse's hair.  A few times they stopped and had him sit up and ride a little, but they did not push him, instead just listened to his cues.

I am very excited for this opportunity to see how Walker does, its great sensory stimulation too!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Food issues

Gluten free
Dairy free
Soy free
No eggs
No onions

What do you feed a growing boy who can't chew? I am at a lost, and I feel that his rejection to food lately is because he is bored!  Yesterday I went against the diet and fed him a scrambled egg.  Actually, I had made it for Miss Poo but when she refused it and he wouldn't eat his pureed green beans, I gave it a try.  He loved it!  He was very happy mushing it around in his mouth!  And nothing bad happened, he seemed fine the rest of the day and slept well.  So what else do I give him? I have to admit, his diet is a lot of baby food, because... well... its  just a lot easier.  Yes, i am lazy, but baby food covers the main ingredients of his diet - vegetables, meat and fruit.  We add some oil for fat and calorie intake, but its hard.

What do people feed older children that cannot chew? Should I reintroduce these foods one at a time and watch for reactions?  We originally took him off of everything and his reflux went away and he was a much happier child.  I am so afraid of going back there! Soon he will be going to school, and I can't really send him there with baby food!  The whole point is to move him forward!!  Urghghghghghghhhh

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dream tease!

The problem with sleep is when you aren't getting it you get accustomed to the delirium, you hunker through with coffee and exercise, you just relinquish the thought of ever getting real zzz's, then the unthinkable happens.  You awake at 4 am and panic because no one has woken you up yet, then for the next three hours you wake and look at the clock wondering when the silence will end.

When the next night it happens again, you awake feeling so good!  You had forgotten how awesome a full 7 hours of sleep really feels!  You are excited and hopeful! Then WHAM! The next night they are up again, and now the problem is you were teased! You were reminded how it is to actually sleep uninterrupted!  So how do you go back again? I'm on my fifth cup of coffee and still feel like I am dragging ass!

My husband and I play a little game while in bed at night, we hear them get up and then its a stand off, pretending we are both still asleep, making sure not to make a move or sound until one of us caves and gets up.  then the game is really on, we take turns one after the other getting up trying to placate the children while essentially doing nothing really to satisfy the child.  I usually cave first, change the diaper and feed them, while he pretends he is still sleeping.  On rare occasion I will specifically ask him to get up and feed the boy child, but I know I can only do this about every three or four days, otherwise I am pushing my luck!

So how do we go back? I know that its within our grasp!