Saturday, June 12, 2010

Food issues

Gluten free
Dairy free
Soy free
No eggs
No onions

What do you feed a growing boy who can't chew? I am at a lost, and I feel that his rejection to food lately is because he is bored!  Yesterday I went against the diet and fed him a scrambled egg.  Actually, I had made it for Miss Poo but when she refused it and he wouldn't eat his pureed green beans, I gave it a try.  He loved it!  He was very happy mushing it around in his mouth!  And nothing bad happened, he seemed fine the rest of the day and slept well.  So what else do I give him? I have to admit, his diet is a lot of baby food, because... well... its  just a lot easier.  Yes, i am lazy, but baby food covers the main ingredients of his diet - vegetables, meat and fruit.  We add some oil for fat and calorie intake, but its hard.

What do people feed older children that cannot chew? Should I reintroduce these foods one at a time and watch for reactions?  We originally took him off of everything and his reflux went away and he was a much happier child.  I am so afraid of going back there! Soon he will be going to school, and I can't really send him there with baby food!  The whole point is to move him forward!!  Urghghghghghghhhh

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  1. I can relate to this I used to blog on feeding lots. It is a tough problem and heartbreaking. My girl was just gtube feed for 2 straight years from 2 to 4 she wasn't eating anything. Have you tried Cheetos the melt in your mouth and are yummy. Perhaps not nutritious but kids love them.

    I'd also suggest baby pasta it's so small they don't need to chew really and can add cream and shredded cheese for mac and cheese. Shred veggies and tomato sauce on it too.

    I could go on and on let me know if you want more suggests I'd be happy to share. Cream of wheat made with whole milk and maple syrup is good too and easy to eat.

    My daughter when she became interested in food again actually preferred crunchy things I think they give her more feedback in her mouth and she sick of yogurt I must had over did it on the yogurt.

    Good luck I totally sympathize with you on this one. I'd be happy to share more idea if you interested. Your OT may have ideas for you too. My daughter had a feeding therapist she was great too.