Monday, June 28, 2010

Last week of EI

This is our official last week of EI, (Early intervention).  A lot of parents that I have spoken to who are making the same transition this summer state that they are so ready to be done. I can't say that I am!

EI is not just a therapy technique it is a way of life.  As your young child develops there are people in and out of your house at all times.  Depending on the level of intervention this could be one person or up to five or more!  Often they each come several times a week and its at all different times of the day.  For us we had five therapists, four of which came twice a week and one came three times a week.  In the beginning, it wasn't bad because we only had two, so we were able to ease into it.  As Walker's development continued to move slow, we added a few more.  Initially I was worried about how my house looked and made sure I was showered and presentable, but as the time wore on these people become family.

They have witnessed me un-showered, still in my pajamas and even bra-less.
They witnessed my dogs puking on the floor and running away.
They have been there when my older sons are fresh and not doing their chores.
They have heard arguments between my husband and I.
They have seen me cry.

But they also
have been there the first few days of Sawyer's life.
they have helped us celebrate two of Walker's birthdays
they have sat and drank coffee with me and discussed the ills of the world
they have watched us grow as a family and learn to understand the impact of Walker's needs
they have shared many laughs over the course of two years
they have become not only good friends, but family.

I will miss them all dearly!

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