Friday, March 12, 2010

Star of the Week

This week was a big week for Dylan.  He was "Star of the Week" in his class.  This privilege means that he gets to be special all week!  He was to fill out a poster all about himself and could bring in a snack to share.  Apparently, its all about the snack!  After deliberating for three weeks, I finally convinced him that a cookie version of his favorite food would be fun, so we made pizza cookies, complete with a pizza box.  Dylan had fun tricking his classmates for three days that he was bringing in pizza, only to surprise them with one made out of candy!!

When I delivered the pizza, Dylan's classmates gathered around and he was able to share his poster "all about me".  His poster consisted of his name, his height and weight, his family, what he likes and dislikes and what he wants to be when he grows up.  The one part that caught my attention was "My Three Wishes", his number one wish was "For Walker not to be delayed anymore", This made my breath stop!  Here he was, openly sharing his private world with his entire classmates! 

I often think about how I feel about Walker's disabilities, or how it affects him but often I am caught up in our day to day, that I forget it affects his brothers too!  I didn't know whether to be sad that Dylan has these concerns or  happy that he is sensitive to his brothers needs.  I guess I should be both!  It was really beautiful how the other kids in the class asked him what that meant and Dylan explained more about Walker and how it affects all of our lives!  He was so comfortable discussing it and I was very proud!

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