Monday, March 15, 2010

HBOT Day 1

Today was Walker's first session of HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy).  Although the doctor had gone over everything when we were there before, I still was a little unsure of what to expect. I thought that we were both going to have to wear scrubs and take off all metal.Surprising we could wear our own clothes, just couldn't take in anything flammable.  The chamber that we are using allows me to go in with Walker.  The chamber is pressurized but the oxygen is only administered in the hood over Walker's head. 

Daddy came with us today, for the first treatment! 
The chamber is a little intimidating, but there are comfy pillows and a blanket.  It can be be opened from the inside in case of emergency.  There are three windows so we can always see out and David (our tech) can see in as well. 

Walker got his very own hood, this is the part that goes around his neck.  Once we are inside the chamber and the pressure is lowered then we put a plastic hood on top of this neck piece and tubes are attached to blow in the oxygen and take out the air.

He did great!  He was a little uncomfortable when the pressure was dropping because I couldn't get him to swallow, but once his ears popped he was fine!  It took us a little while to figure out what the best position was for  him to be in but then we just sang songs and played.  It does get pretty warm in there so tomorrow we will wear less clothes!

There aren't any side effects and it will be some time before we see any results etc.  But the fear of the unknown is behind us!!

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