Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stay tuned

Tomorrow is the big day!  We have been thinking about and talking about HBOT now for several months. Tomorrow we start treatments and I have very mixed feelings. I'm scared, nervous, excited, hopeful and leery. 

There is a fair amount of risk when dealing with Oxygen.  I will be the one going in the chamber with Walker, although Ramiah is coming down tomorrow for the initial dive. I'm nervous that he won't like it, or that i will be uncomfortable with the pressure, I'm excited about the possibility and hopeful that we will be able to see some results but leery of getting my hopes up to high. Also, what if it does help him but not enough to stop after our 20 sessions? It is very expensive and they only reason we are able to do it now is because of my generous family. 

Its going to be a hectic month but I plan to video and journal the entire thing.. so stayed tuned.. and keep us in your thoughts!

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