Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Preschool #2

On our journey with Walker, we are preparing him for preschool.. yes, preschool!  It seems so amazing that we are actually at this junction where getting on a bus and leaving me for several hours of the day is within his near future! Yesterday we went to see another possible preschool center in our area.  We have had some experience there before with water therapy (Walker HATED it!) but we never got to  go into the preschool area.  In the first school we visited I remarked that there weren't many kids that "looked" like Walker, meaning, all were walking or sitting nicely at the tables, but in this school there were more kids like him.  We were able to see all the equipment and meet the teacher of the room Walker would most likely be placed in.  Everyone was very nice and Walker was again excited at here the other children playing.

So here is another hard choice.  Do we put Walker in an environment where there are children just like him? or do we put him in an environment where he is extra "special".  Will this help motivate him or isolate him? Is a larger facility better equipped or a smaller one more personal?  Should I make judgments of the program based on the person who gave us the tour?


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  1. You know, I didn't think about this when we took Lucy's tour, but reading your post brought it to mind...I know some daycare centers have "references". I wonder if either or both school would have something similar? It might be worth it to ask.

    We spoke to all of Lucy's therapists and her service coordinator. They all said the same thing...trust your gut. It's not an irreversible decision, and if you follow your instincts you can' make a bad decision.