Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Play away books

In preparation for vacation I took my older boys to the local library to get out some good reads to bring with them on the  trip.  For many people, this may not be terribly exciting news, but for us we were psyched!  Growing up in our township we did not have access to the local library system because the tax payers in our area do not feel the need to pay into the library tax.  This meant that we couldn't use any libraries.... anywhere!  When we moved to our current location, the township here made a deal with the library system to have only residents who request it, to gain access to their system.  I am a lover of books, so of course I made sure we signed up!

I also invited my nephew and niece to come along since they don't have library access either.  I asked the librarian how many books we could take out and she said up to 50.  This seemed like a huge amount but by the time we were done, we checked out over 25!

The most exciting part was discovering audio books for Walker!  It is a series that they have of audio books, that come pre-recorded on a little digital machine and all you have to do is put in a AAA battery and ear phones!  This is awesome!  I am always looking for things to occupy Walker and cannot just plunk him in front of the television, so this was a great idea!
Here he is listening to Clifford and really seemed to enjoy it!

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