Monday, July 26, 2010

Dinner and a Show

Frantically starving, that is the only way I can describe Mr. Mr. when he is over hungry and refuses to eat.  Its like he doesn't understand that if he just opened his mouth and let me feed him his aching stomach would feel so much better.  So I am resorted to all kinds of tricks, I strap him in his chair and move it back and forth with my feet while singing "row row row your boat", I do joint compressions, working my way up his legs and arms and then in between try and get the spoon in his mouth, I tickle him, (or at least try to amuse him, but to no avail) I dip his binky in the food and try to get him to taste it, or sing "itsy bitsy" spider and put his fingers in it then wrestle them in his mouth.  Often he will take one or two bites then we have to start all over again.  Sometimes I will sneak it in when his mouth is open in protest (don't tell his speech therapist!) Its exhausting!  But after about ten or so spoon fulls, his brain is connected to his stomach and he realizes, "okay, this is making me feel better". Then we both know that it was well worth it! The trick is to get the food in him before he gets to this point.  Usually that means just sticking to his routine and he is golden, but with school he has been coming home exhausted and sleeping a lot.  This has meant that he has slept through his regular scheduled meals. (he eats approximately 6 meals a day!) Needless to say, we have had a lot of activity at the kitchen table.

The ticket booth opens at 12 - discount for group rates.    

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