Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In need of some shut eye!

Last night we had a tough night with Mr. Mr.  it seems that this goes in cycles.  We have a few days of great sleeping when I feel that I might actually get a chance to sleep a straight five hours and then in an instant it all goes to pot!

Now couple that with Miss Poo who only goes to sleep by either nursing or being on her daddy, and you have a two very cranky and tired parents.

So what do i do? I read recently that there are good ages to try and sleep train when a child is developmentally in a better place to do so.  The next stage that they recommend that she will be in is the 12-15 month range when separation anxiety is at a low and their activity is at a high and therefore falling asleep may be easier.  So what is a mom to do?

We do the whole bedtime routine, but I wonder if I wait to late to do it.  We  I have tried the sitting next to her crib and then gradually move away night after night and that just seems to piss her off more.  We I have tried the all out cry it out method... and man....that means war!  Add to this a dad who doesn't like to hear her cry but doesn't really want to be in charge of the bedtime routine and it gets truly exhausting! 

So I am reaching out, to anyone, and I mean anyone, who can and will give me some tips as to how they got their children to sleep!  Please!  My brain is being eaten alive by the bed bugs!!!

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