Wednesday, July 14, 2010

HBOT's ripple affects

Its been some time since I wrote about HBOT, we haven't been going to sessions because he has started school, and we went on vacation and its just been a hectic place around here.  Interestingly enough, though, we are still seeing the affects of the HBOT every day.  One of the largest impacts is that Walker does not freak out about water any more.

I have blogged about it previously, here. But I must say that things have gotten much better!  We changed up the routine for bath time, and instead of trying to get him used to baths, we switched to showers in his bath seat.  This cracks him up! He always took showers with daddy but as he is getting bigger, it has become more of a challenge (don't tell daddy, he'll never admit it!).  Also, with the amount of poop explosions that we have around here, I needed a way to bath him myself. 

The hugest impact of this was evidenced while we away on vacation.  Even though we were in Maine, the temperatures still reached 95!  We rented a house on the lake and finally on the fourth day of misery for Mr. Mr.  we gave it a try.  Guess what?   he loved it!!  This is HUGE!!!

He splashed, he kicked, he laughed and he sang!  It was awesome!  He stayed in the water for almost an hour, loved hearing the older kids play and just being cool.  We were a little afraid that we might have created a monster since it was still so darn hot! But he ate and slept well that night!  so it looks like I may just have to get that kiddie pool afterall!

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