Saturday, July 17, 2010

First week of school

I know you all have been anxiously waiting to hear how Mr. Mr's first week of school went.  I thought about blogging several times during the week but it just didn't happen.  I thought that with him being in school I would have so much time on my hands, but guess what? three other children just came in and swooped it away!

His first day was a little rough for dad and I.  Daddy stayed home to make sure he got on the bus okay and we headed up the hill to the road for pick up.

I wasn't sure how he would handle the bus, since loud noises and quick movement sometimes startle him. But the lift wasn't loud and the bus vibrates with the engine so I think he liked it!
Daddy and I followed him to school to make sure that the ride went smooth.  The plan was that if he wasn't upset I would just leave and he wouldn't even know I was there. (One advantage to having a child with limited sight).  And he was fine.  Daddy, on the other hand had a hard time.
The day went well and his notebook said he did great.  
Tuesday I went and peaked in the window around 11:30.  I had already warned his teacher that I may be a stalker for a little while but to not be alarmed.  Of course when I looked in the window they had him underneath it so I couldn't see him.  At that point I was already at the school so I had to lay eyes on him. I signed in and went to the classroom door.  He was sitting in a feeding chair and they were getting ready to feed him lunch.  He was crying, but he usually is very impatient when it comes time to eat,  so I chatted with his Vision Therapist and Old Speach therapist then looked in on him again.  by this time he was chowing so he was fine.  
Every day we wait for him to get off the bus around 3 o'clock.  This is a long day for him!  He is exhausted and then sleeps for a few hours.  We are trying to get him into a routine to only sleep for an hour or so, otherwise he keeps us up until midnight!
Friday I checked on  him again around the same time and he was upset again.  I think he is just hungry, so I will send in a note suggesting to feed him more at snack which will allow him to go a little longer for lunch time. All in all, its good.  Friday morning Ramiah reported that when they were waiting for the bus to pick him up, Walker suddenly picked his head up and started smiling.  Within  two minutes Ramiah was able to hear the bus coming so he felt that Walker had heard it moments before and was excited to hear it coming!

Its hard letting go and allowing someone else to care for him.  I was never this nervous with Mason or Dylan, but then again I worked full time and didn't really have a choice. I know that they can give him more than i can and that it is the best thing for him.  I am just happy that he seems to like it!  It makes it a lot easier on all of us!

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