Monday, August 2, 2010

Hugga Bebe

Just have to take a quick moment to give props to a new product that I recently got for Walker.  I had seen it on a fellow bloggers post who recommended it for children like Walker that have little trunk control.  I had been eying it for a while but wasn't sure if he was too big for it.  So after reading her post, I figured I would give it a try.

It came the end of last week and it is great for him!
Its an insert that goes inside most of anything.  Its called Hugga Bebe and it is pretty inexpensive. Especially since this activity gym has been sitting in my house for almost three years and he hasn't been able to enjoy one minute in it!

Don't tell  his P/T but he is actually pushing up with both of his legs!!  This is amazing since he hates to weight bare!  Sure he has a stander but this is something that I am not afraid to leave the room for a minute with him in it!  

The only downfall is that it is hot, and Walker is a hot and sticky kid to begin with and its August, so his time in it is limited just so that he doesn't come out a wet sweaty mess!

I am very excited about this and so is he!

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