Saturday, August 14, 2010


I've been a little quiet over here, and also on my other personality page, but the truth is I have just been in a real funk and didn't want to spread the germs!  Not sure what the deal it, well, maybe I do , but am not ready to disclose on the wonderful world web!  All I can say is that "this too shall pass".

On happier notes, Walker is off from school for two weeks, then everyone goes back and it will be just the Poo and I.  Hmm... not sure what we ever shall do with ourselves!  Ha!  But my first order of business once he is back in school is to actually go and spend an entire day just observing his class.  I never pictured myself a helicopter mom, but everything that I envisioned for him as huge pluses to going to preschool early, I am not sure is being done.  I don't want to jump the gun, especially since he is getting a new teacher and she will have to get the whole class in order.  So I figured if I can go in, sit in a corner and take notes, then go back with my suggestion I may not seem to pushy, (right?).  I just want him to be engaged more so then he would be if he was home. That is the point of school! 

I will keep an open mind, but I know and strongly believe that I am his voice! It is also my job to make sure that he achieves his highest potential and if that means I make some waves... so be it!

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