Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food issues

Some time ago, not exactly sure when but at least over a year ago, I decided to put Walker on a diary free, soy free and gluten free diet.  He had always had reflux, even when I was exclusively breastfeeding, and I was looking for some answers to his non gaining weight issue.  The diet seemed to really help him, once we got through the whole detox part. Lately, however, I have been questioning this diet for him.  I feel that he hasn't really ever moved past the baby food stage, due to his motor capabilities, but what things can we do to spice up his diet and maybe motivate him to start chewing? With so many restrictions its not as simple as just pureeing up what we have for dinner and giving him that.  Its a process to cook, mash and freeze his foods.  Some days I am just to plain lazy and opt for the ready made baby food jars.  However, my wallet really feels the impact of those days! I am wondering how I can slowly put these items back into  his diet and what the ramifications might be? I  just don't know where to begin!

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  1. Do one item at a time, and give it about 3 month period if you really want to play it safe. That will give you ample time to see if it is having a positive, negative or any impact. If all seems well after 3 months, add in the next thing. That way, there is no question about what is causing any changes that you may or may not see. :-)