Saturday, May 29, 2010

Second thoughts...

I thought I was ready, I thought that with child #3, I knew the drill, was understanding about the transition, knew the benefits out weighed the negatives, but must admit... I'm having some second thoughts.

Thursday we went and registered Mr. Mr. for preschool, then we went and visited his classroom.  I knew he was tired, and really hasn't been himself these last few days, but wanted to get another feel of the room before we ship him off there in just a few short weeks.

The teacher welcomed us and the students were all sitting neatly in their circle time positions. I was able to fit the stroller on the end and we just observed what the kids were doing.  Mr. Mr. was just listening, soaking in the different sites and sounds.  Things were going good, until the kids were done with their calendar and began to sing songs.  These put Mr. Mr. on the edge.  10 little voices singing around him made him get that panic look on his face, but honestly he was holding it together, and so was I.  I usually get prepared to bolt,  to remove him for the stimuli as quick as possible, but even though I wanted to, I kept myself in check waiting... anticipating.  Things were going good...until... the big fat hairy spider song came.  This is the second verse that the children do to Itsy bitsy... not sure if it was the loud stomping and raised voices, or the change in routine... probably a combination of both.. but that was enough to put him over the edge.... so we left.

I know that it will be a change, and that he will get used to the routine and understand what is happening, and that it will be a process... but I'm still the mamma!  This is my baby!  I hate to see him upset, I worry that they won't know how to calm him, that he will be over stimulated and hate school! That he's too young, that when he comes home from a long day he will be extra miserable!

I don't remember being so worried when Mason and Dylan went off to school, but then again, I was working full time so they had been away from me since they were 6 weeks old!  Besides, Walker is different!  He is special!

I know this is normal and am not changing my mind.... its just nerve racking, I'm sure I will be following that school bus, tissues in hand.... 


  1. I worry about many of the same things, too. You bring the tissues, I'll bring the wine. We'll share!

  2. My daughter Ashley was at preschool last year with typical kids, I was lucky to attend with her one day a week and a nurse went as her aid the other days being there with her eased my worries and I saw how much like the other kids she was and how much they loved including her and understood when she cried or was or comfortable. (noise level and the kids singing was a problem many times for Ashley ) The children will be so accepting of Walker I'm sure both of you will grow to love it. I loved days I got to go with her it was so much fun for both of us. I wish I could go to kindergarten with her too some days.