Monday, May 3, 2010

Walker's eval

Today was Walker's evaluation for preschool.  I was a little nervous about it because whenever the evaluations come its a hard pill to swallow.  Mostly the evaluations are about what Walker "cannot" do, this is just because its how the State and education system look at it to determine what services he is eligible for.  Its not a fun time for me, because it often just reiterates all of my fears about him.  Ramiah chose to stay home with Sawyer and my guess is its because he feels the same way, but one of us had to bring him so it was me!

I must say that the people at the center were really great!  The evaluation was done all together, and although it was a little overwhelming answering different questions simultaneously it was easier to get it over and done with!

The last part of the evaluation was what I was most interested in seeing, it was his evaluation in the classroom.  Since Walker has many sensory issues I wasn't sure how he would react to an environment with lots of action. He was also getting tired since it was cat nap time plus he did a lot of work during the evaluation that would normally tire him out!

I am happy to say that he loved it! At first he just sat pretty quiet, listening, but as the aides and teachers fawned over him he opened right up!  he was blowing raspberries and making his excited noises. 

I also have to say that one particular evaluator was sensitive to how the numbers will come out for his scores, since they will come out low, but wanted to prepare me for it.  It was refreshing!  Often times parents come out of doctors appointments, evaluations and other social situations feeling defeated once again that their child just doesn't measure up.  It just reinforced that this center is the right one for us!!


  1. I am so glad you had such a great experience!!!! Yay for you and super YAY for Walker!

  2. Which center are you going with?

  3. Isn't it a breath of fresh air when someone actually "cares" about Mom? Good for you, and for Walker!

  4. Hi my first time here I have a 3 boys and a girl too. Preschool was fabulous for my daughter. I bet walker will love it. I look for to reading more about your little guy. I'm dealing with sensory issues too I find they are getting better over time.