Sunday, May 23, 2010

The big day

Individual Education Plan... i guess that is what it stands for... if not, its close enough, and its tomorrow. 

Yup, tomorrow, which means that me, daddio and mr. mr. will head over to the local public school and sit in front of a group of school administrators and educators and plan out what the next year of life for Mr. Mr. will be like. 

If you are part of the "special needs" crowd, this process comes with horror stories and celebrations.  I can understand how things, emotions and language can get out of hand when one is faced with discussing the weaknesses of their child, but honestly I am okay with that. It is the path to get him what he needs, and what I want him to have. I think I am pretty well prepared and feel confident that most of it is a "no brainer" if you will.  But on the flip side I don't want to assume (the whole ass out of you and me thing) anything. So I have my list of the issues, my wants, needs and demands... I've also been given some secret ammo if needed.

wish us luck!


  1. Gooooooood luck! I'm around if you need to debrief afterwards!

  2. Good Luck sounds like well prepared and hopefully everyone comes to the table with the intentions of helping your child be his best. I feel so blessed with all the help my daughters getting at school. I hope your son gets everything he needs.