Saturday, May 1, 2010

A beautiful day in Walden

Today was a GREAT day!!  The weather was beautiful and I was reminded how rich we really are!  Friends and family came out to walk by our side for an great organization call Able Children. This was their second year of promoting their organization and raising funds and I can't spread the word enough!!  This organization gets equipment out to Special Needs Children who either can't afford it or get lost in the bureaucracy of insurance and can't get what their child needs.

The day was beautiful!  Mason and Dylan were excited to be #1 and #2 (although, I think mason was a little upset to be #2)

My husbands brothers came out and so did my mother and sister with her family.

Dylan was going to run it, but then at the last minute got an escort to find us!

The course was pretty hilly, but definitely beautiful!

Even my friends from Stroller Strides came out and three of them are pregnant!!!

Thanks to Walker's PT he was nominated to get a corner seat!  Thanks Marcia!

So after our beautiful walk through the town of Walden, they presented Walker with his chair!  I know he will get a ton of use out of this chair! 

yes, we are rich!  rich with love from our friends and family and a community that supports us!

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