Thursday, February 25, 2010

Food obsession

As an infant Walker spit up a lot, I don't just mean a little bit like mother's exagerate, I mean a  lot!  He was breast fed and my third, so I knew it wasn't normal, but just kept feeding him 24 hours a day... seriously... then when we stared him on solid foods that didn't seem to help either. Finally the doctors listened to me and he was diagnosed with reflux.  Around that same time he was labled "failure to thrieve".  Nothing brings on the mommy guilt more than a child who isn't eating or gaining weight. Since then I have been obsessed with what Walker eats, how much he drinks and what calaories he takes in. 

These last few days however, he hasn't been eating very much.  I don't know if he is sick of the same old, same old, but it seems all he wants to eat are cheerios!! The poor guy must be sick of me shoving spoonfuls of more nutritional things in his face every five minutes. but I am so worried that he is hungry and can't tell me.

I know I need to relax, if it was another child and mother, i would say... "he will eat when he is hungry" so why can't I just let him be? Is it a way for him to exert some independence? He is after all, two!

I think as mothers we just want to make sure our children are well fed, that it is a symbol of our love to feed, so I am going to leave him be and head off to put dinner in the oven instead!

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