Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New start

I decided that I needed a separate blog for my thoughts concerning Walker. Maybe its part of my healing, but I didn't want my whole blog universe to be set just on his disabilities.  I am, after all, a mother of three other children, a wife and much much more.  But its true that each day and every minute is guided by Walker is some way or another.  Life with a child who has special needs has to be.  Is it fair? Who is to judge that? It is just what is.  I am so very thankful for the world of blogging which has put me in touch with so many wonderful families. The community is empowering.

It may be hormones but I found myself teary eyed this morning when I realized that many of the blogs are read are so postiive, they are filled with the love and optimsim that I feel my blogs are often missing.  It made me reflect on how Walker has affected my life, and I realize that it is his life that is teaching me who I  trully am.

These are Lessons from Walker. 

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