Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Breakfast

Sundays are "family day" since my husband and I own our own business, its hard to get anytime together without including work.  I have made a point to tell my husband that Sunday is our day.. and we have continued a tradition of getting breakfast as a family.  Where we used to live was a corner deli that we frequented often.  Since we moved, we have been returning there for Sunday breakfast, we know the owner, the guests and it is comfortable.  They also all know Walker. This morning however, we ventured to a cafe that is closer to my husbands family's house.  We had to go over there to get a load of wood on the truck (work never ends) and thought that we would just get breakfast over there.  Now, even though this is where my husband grew up, I could tell he was nervous about taking Walker into the Cafe. Actually we both were.  We never really know what may set him off and this was a new environment with new faces.

Walker did very well, he was happy to sit on daddy's lap and look at the new surroundings.  Breakfast was delicious and even Sawyer enjoyed the new faces!  As an older woman was leaving she stopped by our table and commented on how cute our children were.  She then asked if they were twins.  Yes, twins. We get this a lot, even though its clear that Walker is bigger than Sawyer and older, I think its peoples way of trying to figure out what is wrong with Walker.  He doesn't do all the things a typical 2 year old would do.  He can't sit in a hair chair, he doesn't eat anything off the menu and he doesn't say a word.  We politily smile and explain that they are actually 21 months apart but Walker is delayed.  They in turn, smile polity and leave.  If they ask more questions, we don't mind but its hard explaining about Walker since we don't really know either!  Instead we find ourselves explaining by telling people all the things he can't do. 

"He's delayed, which means he can't sit up, he doesn't crawl, he doesn't speak or eat table food....." Then we get the "oh, I'm sorry,,,, or oh, how sad....." response.  Then we find it necessary to add "but he's a happy boy" (which I've blogged about before here

I was thinking as we left the cafe and headed to the wood lot that I need to start explaining Walker by all the things he can do, or likes. 

"He's delayed, but he rolls over both ways, he loves vibrations and toys that light up, he laughs when you tickle his arm and makes great dragon noises.  He loves the sunlight and riding in daddy's diesel truck!"

This is my lesson from Walker today... be happy in the simplicity and remember the positive!

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  1. By the minute, by the breath...being present in the moment and not having to or wanting to think ahead...........just for a brief blip.
    Being fully present