Friday, September 17, 2010

A soft landing

Recently, I posted a blog about my concerns for Walker's schooling.  I was worried that he wasn't really being involved as much as possible because he can be upset very easily and I was only witnessing him in one location in the classroom.  That blog is here. So today I got to experience what a morning is like for him in his classroom.

I am very pleased to report that he is being fully engaged in all classroom activities.  Actually, I really didn't think he wasn't but I wanted to witness first hand how they were handling certain aspects of his IEP goals. It was awesome to watch him interact with his aides and get involved in matching, sorting and coloring.  His aid is AMAZING!  If I could clone her for every special needs child I would!  I know that she is not just assigned to Mr. Mr. because they like to switch around within the classroom, but as I mentioned I would request her for him everyday if I could! She worked him hard and knew when to relax.  He was able to place two plastic bears in a bowl out of five tries!  It was so great to see him excited to be part of the classroom.  Circle time, they put him in his stander and he was really liking all the singing.  I had only a few suggestions for the aid, and she was very receptive.  I know that not everyday will be peaches and cream for him there, because truth is its a struggle here with him to. But I am so happy for the decisions I made to put him in preschool and I am confident that I made the right match.  Even though he isn't completely at the level that the rest of his peers are, its so good for him to be exposed and gives him something to reach for! 

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