Monday, September 13, 2010

Watching those pennies

$17.47 is what I spent last night at the super market for baby food for Walker. Sadly, the amount of food I purchased would only last him 4 days tops!  That doesn't include the 5 or 6 jars we toss each week because he eats a portion of them then clams right up! I've been meaning to really just STOP buying it, but the laziness in me, just keeps putting it in my cart!  It is also the easiest thing to get the hubby to use, since it doesn't require much forethought, except going to the kitchen cabinet and opening the door! 

Pennies are tight these days, so I have to come up with some other alternative.  Tack on his dietary issues and its not so easy.  Hopefully, though I have found some options.  Last night I also purchased a beef roast and some potatoes.  I put the roast and the potatoes in the crock pot and this morning they were ready to be pureed.  After completing this task I realized that I will need more Tupperware and a bigger freezer, I was able to make up 12 portions!  So that is compared to the $1.00 jar of meat and the $1.50 of vegetables that would be needed to fill him up.  The roast cost $5 and the potatoes were free (compliments of my good friend John's garden!)  so i believe this is a SCORE!  Hopefully I can do this three times a week, alternating between meals to try and spice it up for the little man! It will only be a test of my planning skills!  

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