Monday, September 6, 2010

Hat tricks

This weekend has been a little difficult with Mr. Walker.  It seems he is cutting teeth and getting a cold!  What this means is that I have had to revisit my bag of tricks to keep him happy and eating.  In this bag are all kinds of things that I haven't had to pull out in a while.  The first item is a vibrator. Yes, a vibrator.  Don't cringe it was a demo back when I was a Passion Party consultant and it does not look like a penis in any way or was it used!  Its just the perfect size for Walker since its cordless and the right size for him to hold.  It instantly calms him down.  When he is all worked up, starving but not eating, this is what I bring out to distract him! We also have a vibrating hair brush that I send to school (thinking that they wouldn't be too crazy about a purple vibrator in the back pack!) The other item is his weighted blanket.  I have to admit, we don't use it nearly as much as we should.  I just forget that I have it since its kept in the closet in his room.  This fits nicely over him and me, which even makes me feel calmer.  He seems to like it when he is laying on the floor.  The only problem is that when he rolls over he gets all tangled up in it. Another sure fire way to make him "change the channel", is a vibrating Bert and Ernie head.  When you push their mouth, it laughs while vibrating.  This always makes him smile! Last but not least is the ole stand by Tylenol .  Yup, when i can't get him to calm down, when we can't figure out what is wrong, then we give him the dose.  I hate 'druggin' him, but honestly, he can't tell us what is hurting and often after a day or two we figure it out and it made sense to give it to him. The problem with this is that I can't gauge then if he has a fever or not. So we are going to ride it out (what else choice do we have), and hope that this is over fast!  Otherwise, I might just whip out the bottle of Southern Comfort.... for me not him silly!

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