Saturday, February 19, 2011

Swing time

Mr. Mr. comes with a lot of stuff.  He has special chairs, special bath seats, AFO's for his feet, standers to get him upright, elbow splints, a compression vest, a weighted blanket, curved spoons, textured puzzles and much much more.  Most of the stuff is to assist us with his daily living needs, some is for teaching him certain skills and then others is for sensory stimulation. 

As able people we take certain things for granted.  The sensory stimulation of walking or crawling through our skin, bones and joints that Walker doesn't get. I try to give him multiple experiences every day that mimic what us able people take for granted.

Hence the swing that now hangs in my living room.

He loves it!
But of course so do his older brothers and sisters. 

Which ended up with this outcome

Which now gives her even more reason to hang out in it, since she can't do much of anything else!
So we put up another one!
Now I can push my two babies at the same time!
And everyone is happy!

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  1. Oh, no! Poor thing! Have to say I giggled at your post... Oh,the swing! Ours is in our basement.