Wednesday, February 9, 2011

its not always about you!

I'm not really sure where to begin this post except from here maybe....

ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU! This is something that I love to reiterate to people who I think become so self involved that they can't even tie their own shoes, but today, this is to remind me to live by my own words.

A few weeks ago, i blogged about a really rough night that i had had with all of my children, and was then seriously put off that not one person responded to me, either publicly or privately.  My email box was empty, not one phone call. So I was MAD! In fact, down right ANGRY

I wanted to post blogs about bubble gum and lolipops and then tell everyone where to put them! But I waited it out, knowing full well that my emotions were flailing around and needed to be tamed.

Yesterday as a good friend of mine and I were conversing about my emotions from that post and she gave me a perspective that I hadn't quite considered.  Maybe it really wasn't about me, maybe the general lack of outward pouring was more about people not knowing what to really say or really do. It really hit me, that in my anger infused reaction, I had become my own self involved person. 

Sometime in life we have to take a step back and not get involved in another person's emotional journey.  We can be good listeners, and/or good readers and that alone is enough.  I'm guilty of it myself, there are often people in my life that I love and care about but cannot dive into their own journey because I just don't have the emotional energy to give them.  I feel bad about it, but in the long run its healthier for me. 

So then what do i want to accomplish from blogging about all this? I guess to apologize to anyone who may or may not read my blogs,to anyone who may or may not have felt a sharp pain in their hind side and most importantly to those poor lollipops. 

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  1. I agree with the idea that sometimes the best words are left unsaid. For me, when I read blogs like yours or other special needs moms, it's really just to shake my head in agreement and digest, knowing I'm not the only one going through it some days. But to respond doesn't always feel like my first instinct:)