Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Many thanks to Independent Living!!

Walker loves being outside, and so does his brothers and sister, but previously it was difficult to always get him out.  He has two chairs that have wheels on them, but our back patio is concrete and there are two stone steps that I have to carry him down in order to get him outside with the rest of us. Not easy to do by myself. These steps are also a hazard when it comes to getting him to the bus in the morning and home again in the afternoon. They are also tricky in the winter time when the snow and ice make those steps pretty slick. 

Our social worker (who I think i've mentioned that I LOVE) suggested we build a ramp for him and went about the process to find us grant money to do so.

Thanks to the people at Independent Living.  we were able to get funding to add a deck and a ramp to the back of our house!

Ramp for Walker's chair
Last week in the blistering heat wave in NY, the crew was here and built us one beautiful and fully functional deck! The ramp is perfect to get him to the bus in the morning and the extra space is easy to have the whole family outside and enjoying the weather!

Back deck

Lots of room for everyone!

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