Friday, April 29, 2011

Catch up

Yeah, I've been a slacker not blogging or keeping anyone up to date with what is going on with Mr. Mr. some weeks it seems that everything is same old, same old, then others feel like a tornado has hit. These last few weeks have been tornadoes all around but in a good way!

We got Mr. Mr. a new gait trainer, thanks to Tyler's Gift,   I had been looking for an alternative to his stander, which he seemed to loath!  At school we discovered that he really liked the pony trainer and could actually move himself around a bit on his own. Of course, now that we have one at home, he hates it!  Its more that he is tired and doesn't really want to work, so we save it for the weekends or holidays when he isn't in school.

We also have been doing a lot of bean and macaroni play. He loves it!  I still haven't figured out how to do it in the house without making a huge mess. This is such great stimulation for him, both tactile and fine motor skills. 

Not having a diagnois for Walker we really don't know what is going on in that head of his!  So its my job to make sure that he is being stimulated every which way we can think of. But it is a fine line not to over do it either.   Sometimes he just wants to be put in his bed so he can de-compress.  This bothers some people, but I know this is what he needs.  When he comes out he is happy and smiling again!  Since his bed is in the living room, he is not isolated and can still hear all that is going on in this crazy house!!

Most excitingly is that his glasses came! They are prism glasses and the sole purpose is to reflect light to others parts of his eyes to stimulate his brain.  The actually function of his eyes are fine, but somehow the signal to his brain gets interrupted.  These help stimulate those areas more!  At first he wasn't to sure about them, but now he is wearing them all day and seems to be really checking things outs!

Doesn't he look like a little professor? 

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