Friday, March 25, 2011

Reflections of motherhood

Siblings of special need children carry a lot of weight in this world.  I worry constantly that all three of my children will feel responsible for the care of their brother, specifically Poo.  As a girl, our society conditions girls to love and take care of people, especially family.  I don't consider this a bad thing, I just want more for my daughter. 

For Christmas Poo received a baby doll, equipped with a bottle and a cry if she is not being fed.  At first I had mixed feelings about such a gender specific gift (although I know the giver had none of those intentions!!) I didn't really encourage her to interact with the doll.  It soon wore out its novelty and batteries.  After being stuffed in the toy shelf for the last two months, Poo found her yesterday.  She has been carrying her around and interacting with the baby quite lovingly.  What I find the most interesting is hearing my own voice come out of her!  While feeding the baby her bottle, Poo told her to "hold it yourself, you can do it!" Later she smelled the dolls butt and exclaimed "pee yewww" (lol) but what I loved most was she hugged her close to her chest and told her "I love you Stinky face".

Gender specific or not, it was nice to see a reflection of my motherhood in my little girl.

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