Sunday, January 2, 2011

Special Needs for Dummies

There are tons of books for parents to get them ready for the childbirth experience.  The holy grail of childhood books it "What to Expect, when expecting".  I studied this book front to back with all four of my children.  There was always some useful information that i overlooked or forgot at other times.  They also followed it up with the next few years of books which also line my shelves.  What I need, and can't seem to find is a "What to expect, when you have a special needs child" book.  There is no instruction manual. No real guidance when it comes to handling the quirks and perils of a special needs child.  I've even looked on line for help, to no avail.  How is a parent supposed to feel confident when dealing with their child when no one else is  confident to write a book on it!

At four am, this morning we were once again dealing with a boy who just doesn't want to sleep.  He's not hungry, not in need of a diaper change (we handled all of this issues like a pro) yet wasn't content to hang out in his bed by himself.  If this was any of my other children, I would allow him to cry himself back to sleep in hopes that he would tire himself out, or learn to self sooth.  However, this is not possible because he gets himself stuck in positions that he can't get himself out of, or he is saturated in spit and ends of choking on it. The hardest part is that his crib is right next to our bed, so unless we buy super heavy ear plugs, we are awake as well.  I've asked my pediatrician about this in the past, and he has given me round about answers, with no real direction. 

I'm exhausted and in need of some serious advice.... any takers?

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